Upcoming Workshops


Kids Mandala + Meditation Workshop

We are thrilled to announce our next Kids Mandala workshop in partnership with the wonderful Aikimoki! 

This 3 1/2 hour+ event is perfect for grounding your kids and getting them into a beautiful creative flow. We will start with a grounding meditation to connect within. They will design a 8x8 hand painted mandala to take home. This will be a guided exercise but leave plenty of room for their unique expression and individuality. 

We will end the day at the ocean, grounding with a live sand mandala where the kids can play and enjoy! 

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Mandala Drawing Workshop 
Learn how to create and draw a beautiful symbolic mandala. This is a awesome class for all levels of artists or individuals trying to tap into more creative flow. It is a 2 hr workshop and you'll draw and color a 8.5 x 11 mandala which we'll frame for you to take home. 

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